Thursday, November 5, 2009

Long May You Serve

Although co-founders of Serving Artists, Sarah Zentz and Dana Richardson, are sad to say they will now be traveling on, they are optimistic about the continuation of Serving Artists. Here in Lancaster, PA Sarah and Dana designed and distributed "tool kits" with helpful information for dedicated locals to continue contacting, collecting and sharing otherwise wasted food. Brittany Hartman, Millersville University student, is taking over for the Lancaster addition of the project.

Sarah and Dana are also excited to actively continue their part in Serving Artists as they travel from the East to the West. They concluded that, "the true dedication and desire to continue this project is not just to spread an exact duplicate of the first project, but to adapt, be creative, be resourceful and have faith that we will find a solution when faced with any obstacle in life."

Serving Artists is designed to help close the cycle and create regenerated nutrients from wasted food. May the cycle continue to feed people, reduce waste, and create valued relationships with a diverse group of farmers, artists, donors, students, teachers, neighbors, and more.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gleaning Potatoes!

When we began searching for gleaning legal rights and guides we found The Society of St. Andrews. We would like to thank Julie Sykes Kaylor (volunteer gleaning coordinator) for providing us with a gleaning guide, harvest times, and the United States Department of Agriculture "A Citizen's Guide to Food Recovery." We had never heard of the Emerson Act - a public law that encourages the donation of food and grocery products to non-profit organizations for distribution to needy individuals. With encouragement from other organizations, we co-founded "Serving Artists." 

In October, Serving Artists gleaned 800+ lbs. of potatoes. Visit the following site to see the Society of St. Andrews Potato Project:

Since August 2009, we have feed 50+ people throughout the community of Lancaster, Pa local produce that has been either donated or gleaned! Thank you Society of St. Andrews (SoSA) for your role in making this possible! For those of you who would like to start your own gleaning project, SoSA will advertise for you as well as supply you with everything you need to coordinate gleaning events in your community!