Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Appreciation!

We will be keeping a record of the gifts we have received from local farms and businesses that make Artists Serving Artists possible. These small businesses are choosing to contribute and support the well being of their community! We strongly encourage our community to support these providers of ethical and high quality foods, in return!
As you read the list below, consider the amount of unneeded waste produced daily, it is inexcusable!  How can you make contributions towards turning "waste" into a beneficial resource?

8/28/09 donations:
Eggplants, heirloom tomatoes, yellow/ red/ green bell peppers, baby potatoes, yams, beans.

2 boxes of tomatoes, yellow and green beans.

Honey pecan breads, sourdough loafs, wheat loafs.

1 box tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans

8/21/09 donations:
Heirloom tomatoes, eggplants, squash, bell peppers, beats, onion.

4 cantaloupes, 1 box roma tomatoes, 1 box cherry tomatoes, 1/2 watermelon, 1 box green/purple grapes, 1 bag bananas, 1 pineapple, 1 bushel of beats, 1 box green/red/yellow peppers, 1 onion

3 loafs walnut bread, 4 sourdough loafs, 2 baguettes, 2 pastries

8/7/09 donations:
10 cantaloupes, 2 bags green beans,1 box tomatoes

10 baguettes, 2 large whole wheat loafs, 10 sourdough loafs

5 bushels of carrots, 10 beats, 5 rutabagas

cinnamon, all spice, chili (whole), cacao nibs, fennel seed, caraway seed, cloves, powdered kelp

8/1/09 donations:
1 box of beats, carrots, tomatoes

All that good food could have been thrown in the trash if it were not scavenged!?
Makes me hungry....

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